Greeting of the Institute Director

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Dear Friends!

Founded in 1906,  Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after its first director Roman Romanovich Vreden. Nowadays the Institute - Russian largest clinical, scientific and educational institution in the area of traumatology and orthopedics, which includes 22 clinical and 10 scientific departments. There are 760 beds for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with trauma and orthopedic deseases. We keep and multiply glorious traditions of our national medicine, focusing on  experience and professionalism of doctors, researchers and nurses.  Our Institute  employs more than 1,200 employees, 84 of them are candidates of medical sciences and 27 are doctors of medical sciences, including 15 professors. More than 60% of doctors have the highest or first qualification category. Medical-diagnostic base equipped with modern facilities. Operating rooms are equipped according to the latest achievements of world medical science and technology, more than 14,000 high-tech surgical operations are performed annually  for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, their consequences and complications.  In Institute polyclinic medical specialists performs more than 60,000 consultations per year.


Vreden’s Institute is the largest academic center, where russian as well as foreign ortopaedic surgeons can upgrade specialty and improve their skills.

Main directions of Institute work are:
- Arthroplasty
- Microsurgery
- Treatment of injuries and their consequences
- Endoscopic surgery of the joints
- neurological orthopedic pathology and vertebrology
- Oncology
- Infectious complications
- Phlebology
- Rehabilitation
- Functional diagnostics of the locomotor system