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Post-graduate education is conducted on the basis of Institute

  • in clinical residency
  • in resident and non-resident post-graduate courses
  • in the form of competitor for degree of candidate or doctor of medical sciences.

 In our Institute education cycles (group and individual) are carried out within the scope of post-graduate education and training courses in the areas:

  • Basics of total and revision large joints arthroplasty surgery
  • Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
  • Treatment of hand injuries and pathologies
  • Reconstructive forefoot surgery
  • Basics of fracture external fixation
  • Basic principles of external skeletal fixation. Temporary fixation with tubular modular frames and treatment of fractures according to Ilizarov
  • Basic principles of long bone deformity correction according to Ilizarov” (with the Ortho-SUV Frame hexapod module)
  • Basic and advanced usage of the orthopedic hexapod Ortho-SUV Frame
  • Combined and consecutive external and internal fixation in treatment of the fractures, bone defects and long bones deformity correction
  • Fundamentals of surgical treatment of patients with spinal cord injuries and diseases
  • Arthroscopic surgery of shoulder and knee
  • Periprosthetic infection in traumatology and orthopedics.